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 Shotgun Jump TuT.

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Shotgun Jump TuT. Empty
PostSubject: Shotgun Jump TuT.   Shotgun Jump TuT. Icon_minitimeFri May 21, 2010 9:50 am

***************** GAME SETUP ***************

How to setup a game lobby for shotgun jumps :

1st . Choose Team Deathmatch as Game Mode..
2nd . Go to Game Settings and Change the Friendly Fire > Shared

--Tip-- : When Setting the Friendly Fire to Shared it helps both players to do the jump all you need to do is shoot the player who already did the jump and jump at the same time so you can reach the other player(s)!

3rd . You need to change the Max Health > Double

* 4th . You need to set the time limit and score limit to Unlimited !

** 5th . Set the Health Regeneration > Fast!
Before Setting Up Your Classes.
If you're Level 45 + .. Do The whole Class Setup Process!
If you're Level 45 - .. Ignore Class 1 Setup + Perks

----------- CLASS SETUP -----------

* You need to have 2 Classes (Recommended) (For Lv.45+)
CLASS 1 SETUP (Level 45 +)

MP5K (Primary)
Tactical Insertion (Equipment)
CLASS 2 SETUP (All Levels)
MP5K (Primary)
Spas12 *grip recommended* (Secondary)
Tactical Insertion (Equipment)
---------- Recommended Perks --------

* For Class 1 Setup (Level 45 +)
One Man Army (Perk 1) *
LightWeight Pro (Perk 2) *
Commando Pro (Perk 3) *

* For Class 2 Setup (All Levels)
Marathon Pro (Perk1)
LightWeight Pro (Perk2)
Commando Pro (Perk3)

--Tip-- : Commando Pro is important! you'll have to jump from ontop of a building sometimes without taking Fall Damage!

Hope this helps!

-- x DeAtHkNiGhT z
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Shotgun Jump TuT.
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